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Navrongo: Otito Achuliwor promises to sponsor, lead reconciliation process for aggreived NPP faithful

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A parliamentary candidate aspirant for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), in the Navrongo Central Constituency of the Upper East Region, Abdallah Otito Achuliwor is convinced that he’s the only one who can heal the cracks that currently exist within the party in the area. 

It would be recalled that during the 2020 general election and in processes leading up to the same, there were concerns about the party imploding. This was because of the divisions that had been created and the disaffection that had been birthed in the heart of some party faithful. Ahead of the primaries this year, many political watchers have shared concerns that the wounds of the previous election would carry through to the current process and hurt the chances of the party in 2024. 

To heal the cracks, and create affection for the party, there have been calls to present a candidate that can bring the current factions under a single umbrella for success for the party, a duty, Mr. Achuliwor insists he has the skills for. 

Speaking to A1 Radio’s Mark Smith, Mr. Achuliwor explained that plans are afoot to ensure that the party presents a united front to snatch the seat from the NDC at the 20204 general election. 

“I am an elderly man and so when an elderly person is talking to you, you will listen to him. In our traditional settings, when an elderly person is telling a young man who has done wrong, the young man quickly tries to apologise and move along the line. When I am elected Parliamentary Candidate, the very first convergence of party people would be a constituency reconciliation conference.”

“In that conference, which I would sponsor, I would be expecting that all factions tha are aggrieved would be given the opportunity to vomit everything they have in them and nobody is going to take anybody on for whatever you vomit. After that we embraced one another, wine and dine and then the campaign would start,” he said. 

Mr. Achuliwor expressed the hope that party faithful in the area would see him for the father figure that he is, forgive past sins and embrace unity to give the party a fighting chance at the 2024 general election. 

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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