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NPP: Andrew Atariwini makes cases for functional party offices across Upper East Region

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As the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Ghana gears up for the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2024, the state of party offices in the Upper East Region has become a topic of concern for many, including the Deputy Regional Director of Communication for the party, Andrew Atariwini.

In an release copied to this website, Mr. Atariwini explained that the fervour of the selection process has brought to light not only the drama, political manoeuvring, and ambitious aspirations but also the apparent lack of well-equipped and befitting party offices across the region.

“In the midst of all pumps and pageantry, the foisting of candidates by the bourgeoisie and the misery struggles of the weak yet determined candidates we have lost sight of the branding component of our great party. In all the fifteen constituencies, I am yet to see a proper and befitting party office housing our executives for good administrative functions. Mention must be made of the likes of the Navrongo and Bongo constituencies for their respective success in this light. From every piece of research in the region, it is trite that the party lacks offices. Let it not be said that the one-store size offices we have around without proper administrative setup negates my argument.”

“We are the largest party in the country if not the sub-region. We have benefited from the magnanimity of the Ghanaian people to be in power twice. If we cannot change the narrative in this sense, taking consolation from the likes of the CPP, PNC, APC among others as benchmarks is nauseating to say it mildly. Is it not worrying   that when the Ghanaian people are now demonstrating in enviable terms affinity with our ideology, brand and policies in the region, we as a party are not seeing the urgent need to properly upgrade our offices in order to deepen the operational work done and ongoing?” he asked. 

According to Mr. Atariwini, addressing this issue requires a shift in focus. This, he said, would include “emulating positive examples. Notable efforts like Alhaji Hannan’s construction of a new party office in Pusiga should inspire other constituencies to follow suit. Highlighting successful initiatives and replicating them can lead to a network of well-equipped party offices. Collaborative Efforts: In constituencies like Tempane, where two prominent party members are in competition, collaboration with the party could lead to the establishment of a joint office. Similar synergies can be formed in Garu, with the support of influential stakeholders like Dr. Samari, Dr. Halidu, Hon Asoure, and Madam Laadi. Leveraging Former Leaders: Dr. Kingsley Krugu, a former MP from Zebilla, could champion the cause of establishing a proper party office in the area. Utilising the expertise and influence of former leaders can contribute to creating a more robust party infrastructure. Digital Transformation: Introducing digital administrative functions, including centralised documentation and data management, can enhance the party’s ability to retain institutional knowledge, avoiding the need to reinvent strategies with each election cycle,” he wrote. 

The Deputy Communication Director insisted that once these things are done, the party would go onto even greater heights. 

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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