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COP Mensah a bit dodgy, inconsistent with his stance – Security Analyst

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A security analyst, Saani Adib, has asserted that the testimony by COP George Alex Mensah, one of the police officers in the alleged leaked tape, to oust the Inspector General of Police, Dr. Akuffo Danpare, is inconsistent.

Mr. Adib said the admission by COP Mensah that the tape is doctored, claiming that the tape is incomplete as portions are doctored, and admitting statements in the tape attributed to him indicate that the officer is inconsistent with his stance and the Committee must probe further.

According to him, this is necessary, especially with the allegations he made against the sitting IGP about his leadership.

Mr. Sani made these assertions when he spoke on A1 Radio’s News Link.

He said the IGP must also be invited by the committee to answer questions regarding the allegations made against him by COP Mensah.

COP Mensah told the committee on Thursday, August 31, that the IGP’s leadership style has led to a decline in morale among many police officers.

“Dampare is not managing the police service well, and the majority of police officers are not happy. You can call the police officers underground, and they will tell you,” he stated.

Before the committee assigned to investigate the veracity of the leaked tape, COP Mensah expressed his inability to verify several details on the tape, claiming it has been doctored and does not accurately reflect the original conversation he had with the former NPP Northern Regional Chairman, Bugri Naabu.

He also firmly stated that there was no plan to remove the IGP, emphasising that the tape circulating has been strongly edited.

In a direct exchange with Committee Chairman Samuel Atta Akyea, COP Mensah stated that “this tape that was played today, to me, was an edited tape; I have not heard any unedited tape for me to talk about as I sit here.”

COP Mensah added, “On the tape that I heard today, there are so many things in that tape that I don’t remember, and there are so many things that we discussed that are not on the tape. I’ve met Bugri Naabu four times, and we have discussed many things, some of them private things that I am not ready to discuss in public”.

“I had a meeting with Bugri Naabu, but I don’t remember having any plans to remove the IGP because I don’t remove IGPs,” he stressed.

His claims contradict the testimony of Bugri Naabu, who appeared earlier before the committee and confirmed the veracity of the tape and also confirmed recording it in his private office in Osu.

Bugri Naabu also said that COP Mensah wanted him to discuss the possible removal of Dampare from office because he was not likely to help the NPP win the 2024 elections.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gilbert Azeem Tiroog|Ghana

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