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Bolga East GES Director blames growing recalcitrance in students at SHS on lack of discipline in JHS

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The Bolgatanga East Director of the Ghana Education Service (GES), George Asira has lamented the unregulated system of education at the basic school level, which he believes is breeding recalcitrant students at the Senior High School level. 

“There is one thing that I am calling for and I will continue to call for is that the days when we were in primary school have long gone. We have a new set of children who are there. Their behaviours are different. They commit offences that Senior High School students will not commit but they are primary school students. The unfortunate thing is that that space is not regulated. We don’t have rules and regulations for the basic schools, so when somebody commits an offence, how do we correct the person?” 

According to the director, the lack of proper regulation and discipline at the basic school level leads to indiscipline and unruly behaviour among students when they enter Senior High School. Mr. Asira noted that, without a strong foundation to discipline students, they find it difficult to adhere to rules and regulations at the higher levels of education.

The GES Director stated that the rise in indiscipline cases in Senior High Schools across the country can be attributed to the indiscipline at the basic school which transcends to the SHS level. 

“They go to the secondary school and because they were not regulated, they even do things there and when you want to regulate them, because the Senior High Schools have regulation, they say no, they have been doing it for long. That is why there are problems at the Senior High Schools, especially in the Upper East Region where they are burning school properties, demonstrating, and destroying the properties of teachers because they don’t want anybody to regulate them because they have not been regulated at the base”, he lamented.

The director called for the need for proactive measures to address the issue and ensure that students take their education seriously. He expressed his concern during a durbar to commission an ICT centre at the Gambibgo primary school.

The Bolgatanga East GES Director called for the GES and other stakeholders to work together to develop and implement policies that will ensure discipline is instilled in students from an early stage. He emphasised the importance of teachers, parents, and school administrators in fostering discipline in students and urged them to work together towards this goal.

The computer laboratory was stocked with over 50 computers donated by two NGOs, Macina Foundation and Maxim Nyansa through the lobbying effort of the chief of Gambibgo, Naba Sadik Akolmolga Anon-egra. District Chief Executive for Bolgatanga East, David Amoah thanked the donors for complementing the efforts of the government to improve the standards of education in the district

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Joshua Asaah|Gambibgo|Ghana

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