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Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly Constructs District Court for Judiciary Service

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After years of struggling to secure a permanent building to house the Bolgatanga District Court, the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly has constructed a facility for use as a district court.

The Bolgatanga District Court had been operating from a temporary building initially designated as the University of Ghana’s distance learning center due to a lack of suitable space. Consequently, the Chief Justice had threatened to relocate the district court to Zuraungu in the Bolgatanga East district, where a suitable facility for a court complex was available.

During a brief ceremony to take over the project from the contractor, the Bolgatanga Municipal Chief Executive, Rex Asanga, stated that his office deemed it necessary and a matter of priority to secure a space and construct the court complex.

“The reason we invested in constructing this court complex is that Bolga did not have a district court. The Chief Justice visited here a few years ago and expressed that if we did not have an appropriate space, they would move to Zuraungu, where a court complex was available. Currently, they are using a temporary location that was given to the University of Ghana for their distance learning center. This prompted the assembly to construct a dedicated court complex for the district magistrate court,” explained Mr. Asanga.

However, Mr. Asanga expressed dissatisfaction with the administrator of the district court due to his lack of involvement and interest in the construction of the court complex, which would ultimately benefit him and the judiciary service.

“Regrettably, there is no representative from the judiciary service here today, despite the fact that this project directly concerns them. The only reason for their absence is that the administrator has traveled, which we find unfair. We have invested significantly in this project, funds that could have been used to improve education and healthcare, such as building a CHIPS compound. In Bolga, we are lacking in CHIPS compounds,” he stated.

The newly constructed facility includes a courtroom, judge’s office, administrator’s office, a detention room, and five other offices. The facility is also equipped with electricity and water connections.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|David Azure|Bolgatanga|

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