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Bolgatanga East District inaugurates its 3rd Assembly with 24 members

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The Bolgatanga East District, which is the youngest district in the Upper East region, has successfully inaugurated its third Assembly with 24 Assembly members and 68 Unity Committee Members.

Out of the 24 Assembly members, 16 are elected while 8 are appointed. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the District Coordinating Director, Michael Awini Salifu, called on all the Assembly members as well as the Unity Committee members to be committed and dedicated to the work of the Assembly at all times. He stated that it is important for them to work hard and prove to their various communities that they are capable.

“You are chosen by your people to represent their interests, and you need total commitment and courage for the development of our district. As you embark on this journey, it is your duty to work hard for the development of the district.”

The District Coordinating Director also applauded all former Assembly members and their Unity Committee members for their commitment during their tenure in office.

Herbert Krapa, Deputy Minister of Energy, who represented President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo at the Bolgatanga East inauguration ceremony, called on the members to work hard for the assembly, which he said will help the government realize its development plans at the local level.

Meanwhile, after the inauguration of the Assembly, it was supposed to elect a presiding member, but that did not happen as the votes of the Assembly members were completely divided, which prevented any of the nominated persons from acquiring the two-thirds majority of the total number required to become the presiding member.

The contest was between Akoriga Norbert Akolgo and Gilbert Aguuzi, and at the end of the first round, Akoriga Norbert Akolgo had 12 votes while Gilbert Aguuzi had 11 votes; one vote was rejected, with a total of 24 votes cast. In the second attempt, Akoriga Norbert Akolgo had 11 votes and Gilbert Aguuzi had 12 votes, with 1 rejected. One needs 18 votes to acquire two-thirds of the total votes.

The Assembly is expected to reconvene within the next 10 days for the election of the presiding member, as per the law.

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