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Robert Alibo vows to champion inclusive development

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Robert Alibo, the Parliamentary Candidate (PC) for the Talensi Constituency, has expressed his commitment to harnessing the district’s potential, particularly among the youth, to drive local growth.

Speaking during the visit of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Alibo underscored the importance of improving various sectors to benefit the constituency.

Alibo emphasized the rich potential within Talensi, especially among its young population, indicating that the constituency’s future prosperity hinges on nurturing and enhancing these capabilities.

“The youth in Talensi are a vital resource, and it is imperative that we invest in their development to foster growth in our community,” he stated.

Education and mining, he said, were the key sectors in the area and would be his top priorities if given the mandate.

He further expressed the belief that by improving educational facilities and resources, the constituency can equip its youth with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel.

During his interaction with our reporter, Moses Apiah, Mr. Alibo also highlighted his inclusive vision for development, ensuring that people living with disabilities are not left behind.

“Our growth plans will be inclusive, catering to the needs of all, including those with disabilities. Everyone in Talensi should have the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from our collective progress,” he affirmed.

The visit of Dr. Bawumia brought attention to Talensi, and Alibo used the opportunity to align his goals with the broader objectives of the NPP, advocating for policies that would benefit the local population.

He, therefore, expressed optimism that with the right support and initiatives, Talensi could see significant advancements in both social and economic spheres.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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