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Agric Director urges farmers to adapt to unpredictable rainfall with quick-maturing crops

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The Bolgatanga Municipal Director in Charge of Agriculture, Lantana Osman, is urging farmers to adapt to the unpredictable rainfall patterns by planting seeds that reach full maturity in 75 to 95 days, instead of the traditional 120 days.

Highlighting the benefits of planting quick-maturing maize and other cereal crops, Madam Osman emphasized that these varieties could help farmers avoid the post-harvest losses they often face.

Speaking on A1 Radio during a discussion session focused on reducing post-harvest loss among peasant farmers in the region, Madam Osman stressed the importance of this shift in agricultural practices.

“Given the erratic rain patterns we’ve been experiencing, it is crucial for farmers to adapt by choosing crops that can mature faster,” she stated.

This strategy, she explained, would minimize the risk of crops failing due to insufficient rainfall, thereby improving food security and farmers’ livelihoods.

In addition to recommending quick-maturing seeds, Madam Osman took the opportunity to educate farmers on the appropriate use of fertilizers and seeds to enhance crop yields.

Despite ongoing sensitization programs, she noted that many farmers still lack basic knowledge about the correct application of fertilizers.

“Some farmers continue to struggle with applying the right quantity of fertilizer to their crops,” Madam Osman observed, highlighting the need for continuous education and support.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga

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