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Women in Entrepreneurship: CEO of Amazing Grace Bakery shares her bread business story

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Madam Christina Assel has challenged girls not to despise humble beginnings. A professional teacher, caterer, and baker, Madam Assel explained that if young people dedicate time and energy to growing their crafts, they would succeed in their endeavors. She used her bakery as an example.

Madam Assel who owns Amazing Grace Bakery, shared her journey with Humul Khrusum Tahiru on A1 Radio’s Equal Voices programme recently. She revealed that her initial motivation for becoming a baker was her children’s strong desire for bread. Starting with baking bread solely for her family, she aimed to reduce expenses on store-bought bread.

As a teacher with spare time after school, Madam Assel sought a side business, eventually deciding to commercialize her baking efforts. Despite encountering challenges as a beginner, she persisted, stating, “Because it was a new product, it wasn’t easy. I would bake about five loaves and often three would go bad before I could sell any. But I didn’t give up.” She recounted instances where stores rejected her bread, leading her to distribute unsold loaves to passersby.

Despite these setbacks, Madam Assel dedicated herself to ensuring her product stood out, emphasizing its higher quality despite a slightly higher price than competitors. Regarding investment, she advised reinvesting early profits into business expansion rather than spending them extravagantly.

Over time, she has alleviated her workload by hiring employees for baking while overseeing production quality. Offering advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs, Madam Assel encouraged them not to waste time and to supplement their income with a side business, emphasizing the importance of prayer in their endeavors.

“Don’t sit around and waste time,” she urged. “The economy is tough for everyone, so don’t wait for the month to end after your salary is spent within two weeks. Start something, no matter how small, and take that bold step.”

Madam Assel concluded by stressing the value of initiative and faith in achieving success in business.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Gifty Kudiabor|Bolgatanga

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