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Breast cancer killing women – Nabango Queenmother cries out

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The Queen Mother of the Nabango community in the Kassena-Nankana West District of the Upper East Region, Akansake Jemima Abiibase, has voiced serious concerns about the devastating impact of breast cancer on women in her area.

Speaking on A1 Radio, she revealed the recent death of a woman in her early 30s was due to breast cancer and noted that two other women are currently hospitalized and receiving treatment for the disease.

Madam Abiibase emphasized the urgent need for increased awareness and education about breast cancer to prevent more deaths.

She pointed out that many women in the region lack knowledge about the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer, often resorting to traditional treatments rather than seeking help at healthcare facilities.

“The lady that died initially sought traditional treatment, and by the time she went to the health center, it was too late,” she lamented.

She questioned the effectiveness of current public health initiatives and called for a concerted effort from authorities to address this health crisis.

Highlighting the lack of accessible diagnostic and treatment facilities in the region, she urged Members of Parliament (MPs) and other stakeholders to take immediate action.

“See, in the whole of Upper East, how many MPs do we have? If they all can come together, including prominent people, and mobilize resources, I think they can secure the necessary testing and treatment equipment. Even starting with two or three machines would make a significant difference. Most women with breast cancer have to travel to Tamale for treatment, which is a considerable financial burden and poses risks due to the distance,” she stated.

Madam Abiibase, along with other Queen Mothers in the region, is actively working to raise awareness about breast cancer.

They are therefore calling for robust measures to combat the disease and reduce its prevalence, especially in rural areas where healthcare resources are scarce.

“Breast cancer is real, and women are dying from it, especially at the rural level,” she stressed, urging a unified effort to bring much-needed medical support to the region.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga

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