Navrongo Traditional council worried over rise in sexual immorality among the youth

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The Navrongo Traditional Council has raised concerns and expressed worry about the spate of sexual immorality among the youth and the rise in the number of teenage pregnancy cases in the municipality.

According to the council, although several churches are springing up daily and the number of congregants continuously increase, the council has had to deal with several cases of teenage pregnancy; a situation has become a headache to the council.

The council made this concern known through Prince  Gabriel Balina Adda who was speaking at the commissioning of thirty-four units of street lights provided by the Head Pastor of the Pentecost Church in Navrongo Central.

He indicated that although the council and other stakeholders have worked at arresting the situation, it keeps worsening by the day.

He noted that the surge in teenage pregnancy and sexual immorality could be attributed to the lack of parental care and therefore called on parents to make the welfare of their children paramount in all they do.

He, therefore, called on the church to counsel the younger generations on the need to stay away from sexual immorality and live good lives in order to produce responsible people in the society.

“The church needs to organize such events that will get both the boys and the girls here so that they can be taught on how to avoid indulging in sex which will lead to unwanted pregnancies. If they are in church and they are counseled, they will know the light and will not do things that will get them pregnant.”



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