confirmed dates
confirmed dates

The confirmation of the various M/DCE’s appointed by the President for the Upper East region begins today, May, 8 and ends on May 17.

The confirmation process will start this morning in the Talensi district where Christopher Boatibil Somiteyen has been nominated to represent the President if he is confirmed by the Assembly. This will be followed by that of the Nabdam district where Agnes Anamoo has been nominated for the position of District Chief executive.

All nominees according to the local government law are required to get two-thirds of the votes cast to be confirmed as District/Municipal Chief executive. However, if nominees are unable to make the cut, another election process is organised after ten days.
The nominees for some parts of the Upper East region were rejected when the president announced the names some weeks back and there is, therefore, the possibility of some nominees facing difficulty in their confirmation process.



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