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Spokespersons for Shanxii Workers - Rockson Edusei

Workers of Shanxii Mining Company in Gbane in the Talensi district of the Upper East region, are lamenting the hard times they are faced with, after the Company was asked to suspend its operations.

Speaking at a media briefing, the workers who were asked to go home close to a month now said, they are faced with hardship with their families back home. The frustrated workers said they earn their living from the Company whose operations are legalized and has nothing to do with the issues being investigated.

The Company was on May 4, 2017 asked to stop its operations following accusations by some group of people of causing the deaths of some galamsey miners who died in their own pit. The Minister for Lands and Natural Resources therefore ordered the Company to cease operations. Since then, 500 workers according to the Company have been asked to go home since their services are for now not needed.

Mr. Rockson Edusei in a statement read on behalf of the frustrated workers said, they are reliably informed that, some high powered team was sent down to investigate the allegations. The team completed its investigations in the Company on May10, 2017. Unfortunately however, they still remain in the dark; no information on its findings and how soon the Sector Minister will make a decision on their fate.

A section of the Staff of Shanxii

“Each day, some of us walk to the administration, demanding information on when we shall return to work. All we get as responses from our management is that, “We are waiting for the honorable Minister to determine”. The sad part is that, for one month now, we have not earned any pesewa to take care of us and our many dependents. We are married with wives/husbands, children and parents. Since we were sent home, payment of fees for our children for the term has become extremely difficult, with most of us indebted to food vendors, landlords and challenging healthcare access.” The Workers’ statement added.

Aside their personal challenges, currently, the mines according to them, has been terribly occupied by hundreds of illegal miners who overwhelm the few staff kept to maintain and care for the mine. The said illegal miners, they say blast the support pillars underground, break equipment and electrical fittings, steal the ore and dangerously prevent men from pumping water.

These actions, according to them weakens the mine and can cause flooding underground, which may result in the mine caving in.

The statement therefore appealed to the Ministry for Lands and Natural Resources to expedite actions on the investigation and grant them permission to resume work. With hopes of positive response from the Sector Minister, they emphasized that, they want back their work and not the deportation of the legimate Investors.

Source: a1radioonline.com/Cletus Adugbire




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