Suspected pregnant cow thieves arraigned before court; set to appear today

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 The two butchers at the Bolgatanga Butchers’ House in the Upper East Region suspected to have stolen and slaughtered a pregnant cow belonging to the chief of Gambibgo, Naba Saeed Musah Abukbakar Sadik Anun-egra (retired W/O) will today October 11, 2017, appear before a Bolgatanga Magistrate court.

This will be their first appearance in court after the police in Bolgatanga and their counterparts in Zuarungu joined forces and arrested them on Sunday October 8, 2017 after one of them, Kojobila, was found processing a pregnant cow for sale at the Bolgatanga abattoir.

It was later detected that the cow was stolen from the cattle ranch of the Gambibgo chief palace.

The two are charged with stealing and conspiracy to stealing.



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