Upper East Regional Minister, Rockson Ayine Bukari has incurred the wrath of youth and people of Binduri for his alleged attempts to abandon an ultramodern office at Binguri for a yet to be constructed office at a proposed site at Old Natinga for the Binduri District Assembly block.

When it was established in 2012, the Binduri District was housed in a temporal structure at Bazua due to lack of infrastructure. This led to a court ruling that Bazua was not captured in the Legislative Instrument (LI) 2146 that saw the creation of the district. However, the High Court preferred an out of court settlement.

A four-member committee which was constituted by then Upper East Regional Minister, Alhaji Limuna Mohammed Muniru settled on Binguri for the siting of the office based on the geographical location of the town.

This decision was later challenged in court by one, Philip Ayamba and seven others on the grounds that Binguri was not part of Binduri and could not be the capital of the district. Nonetheless, an office complex was constructed last year at Binguri which currently houses the Binduri district assembly.


But the Concerned Youth Association of Binduri (COYA) during a press conference said any attempt to relocate the district assembly block is out of mischief and should be resisted.

The group expressed their displeasure over the manner in which the regional minister, Rockson Bukari visited the palace of the Binduri chief.

Spokesperson of the group, Abanga Daniel Anoya said the regional minister who visited the chief of Binduri, on February this year should have accorded him the “maximum respect but not to consider the use of force and intimidation when he moved to his palace with heavily armed security personnel”.


The Binduri youth have advised government to “stay off any action(s) that would draw back the development of the Binduri district.”

They are therefore calling on President, Nana Addo Dankwa Afufo Addo to “call the regional minister, Rockson Ayine Bukari and all those who are behind it, to desist” else they may be compelled to “act in a way that many not auger well for peace and security in the Binduri district”

Chief of Binduri, Naba Akolbila Robert Ajetwin who added his voice to resist attempts to relocate the assembly block expressed, with dismay, the regional minister’s plans to relocate the assembly facility based on his ‘ignorance’ on an LI which saw the establishment of the district assembly.


“That LI, people fail to interpret it, why because they think the LI says Binduri is a spot. Binduri can never be a spot. Binduri is a collection of 8 communities according to the LI”

The procedure in the acquisition of a fresh land for the assembly block according to Naba Akolbila is “erroneous” because “the regional minister, Honorable Rockson Bukari could not answer” during his visit to the palace concerning “who gave you that land to go and build a new office for the Binduri district assembly?”

The chief of Binduri, however, threatened to resist further attempts by the regional minister to relocate the assembly block stating that “I Naba Akolbila Robert Ajetwin will not accept it”.

The regional minister, Rockson Ayine Bukari when contacted said the decision to relocate the assembly block came from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. Mr. Bukari who declined to comment further asked “so if they say Binduri constituency, where is the headquarters? Is it not Binduri…As they are creating Tempane constituency [district], are they taking it to Wiriyanga? Are they taking it to Bugri?, is it not Tempane?”

By: Joshua Asaah|A1radioonline.com|Ghana


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