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Speaker at loggerheads with Minority MPs – Edward Bawa alleges

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The Member of Parliament for Bongo in the Upper East Region, Edward Bawa has alleged that the Speaker of Parliament refuses to greet Minority Members of Parliament whose submission he does not like.
According to him, the Speaker of Parliament has since taking over the seat been using his own regulations and personal interest in running Parliament.
Speaking to Accra-based Starr FM, the Member of Parlianent for Bongo indicated that the attitude of the Speaker has got to the absurd point where he refuses to greet MPs who  make submissions on the floor he does not like.
He said “Quote me everywhere, if you get up and make a case that Mr Speaker is not happy about and you see him outside and greet him he’ll not answer. You have a situation where even the Minority Leader will get up to make a point, he makes a point and goes out and says Mr Speaker…he’ll not shake him.
“You also have a situation where when MPs make statements and he’s not excited he then decide that he’ll never call you. The MP for Bodi, Sampson Ahi, when he gets up, he’ll never be called.”
The Minority NDC Caucus in Parliament has been very critical of the Speaker’s conduct against the group, which led to them embarking on a sit-down strike in what they termed protest against the Speaker for being partial against their course.



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