Bolgatanga: Include more public basic schools in spelling Bee competitions—Director of Education urge Organizers

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The Talensi district director of education, Stephanie Morose, has urged organizers of the Spelling Bee Competition to create an enabling environment that will allow for participation of more basic schools from the public education sector.

According to Mrs. Morose, the poor state of most public schools in the country as compared to private schools in the delivery of quality education makes it more prudent for the organizers to readjust their selection criteria such that the public sector schools can get equal opportunity to participate in the competition.

She was speaking to A1 Radio News on the sideline of the Grand Finale of the municipal level Over Comers Club Spelling Bee Competition organized to fetch representatives for the upper east region at the national level when she made the comments.

Answering questions on the tendencies of bureaucracy in getting public sector schools to participate in the competition, which organizers have labeled as a huge challenge, Mrs. Mosore said education directorates “cannot just open our doors to everybody so that anybody can just walk in”. She charged organizers to prepare themselves for such challenges and put forth the development of the region in their endeavors.

Facilitator for Over Comers Club, Mr. Abongo Joseph, indicated that the rationale of the Spelling Bee competition is to select representatives of the upper east region for the National Spelling Bee Competition. He said the club has made deep strives since 2012 and have carved a niche for themselves in the hearts of many with their reception of a gold and silver medal in the previous competitions.

He appealed for help from the government, corporate entities and the indulgence of English teachers from the various schools in the region.

This year’s municipal level grand final of the Over Comers Club Spelling Bee Competition came off at the Bolgatanga Girls Senior High School with a total of 140 competitors from 14 schools. The pupils from the various schools battled it out for the topmost position to represent the upper east region at the national level.

At the end of the competition, Amalitinga Silas Winesakiya of Great Victory Academy won the contest with the highest number of correctly spelt words. Ayariga Vitus Abagna-Naba from the Sacred Heart Junior high school and Fongo Abdul-Mutalib of Great Victory Academy took the second and third positions respectively.

Awards and certificates were given to pupils and schools who performed creditably.

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