Talent alone can’t make one a successful actor – Pusher

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Award winning Ghanaian Actor, Adjetey Anang aka Pusher, has told A1 Radio that having the talent and interest alone is not enough for one to find his or her way into the Acting Industry, let alone become a successful Actor or Actress.
According to Mr. Anang, times have changed and also there have been so much technological and personnel improvement, and so, a new entrant, depending on just his or her talent and interest, may not find it easy in the industry.
He has therefore urged young people wishing to start career in Acting, should start networking and ask more questions on how to develop their talents and also get educated on how various sectors of the industry work, in order to be able to better fit into the industry with ease.
He said: “I must say, it’s time for use to say this. I must repeat this again, talent is good but that is not all. Most people will come to us saying they want us to put them in movies. It’s not as simple as that, you must have something, and talent alone is not enough. You need the skills, you need the training that will put you an edge over others. Whatever field you are interested in, not only Acting; just research about it and take steps to get some education and you will do well.”
Adjetey Anang was speaking in an interview Caleb Allison on the A1 Radio brunch show (Work and Happiness). He was recently awarded for being the Best Actor in a Drama Series at the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award held in Nigeria.
On the “absence” of Ghanaian produced TV series on many Ghanaian Television screens, Mr. Anang confessed that, the Ghanaians series are faced with serious competition by foreign TV series which the Ghanaian TV Stations and marketing companies see as cheaper to use and make profit.
“… if you are a business entity, you will be looking at what can really entertain the audience and still pay less, than coming in for Ghanaian produced series which are costly and yet will produce the same impact. It is making it tough for us.” He said.
He lamented over the absence of financial support for the Ghanaian movie industry, so as to get industry players working harder and producing more movies to entertain and educate the citizenry at a cheaper cost.
Adjetey Anang first appeared as “Pusher” in the Television series titled “Things We Do for Love”. He has featured in many Ghanaian movies, including Deadly Voyage, A Sting in a Tale, The Perfect Picture and also featured in a Dutch movie titled Slavery.
Adjetey Anang studied Fine Arts at the University of Ghana and obtained his Masters Degree in Dramatic Arts at Wits University in Johannesburg in South Africa.



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