TV3 finally appreciates Michael Adangba; urges Ghanaians to celebrate him

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After using his song for years and mistakenly linking it to a Malian artiste, TV3, a member of the Media General group, has finally recognized and appreciated the creator of the official sig-tune of the Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant.

It is said that, better late than never; the recognition came at a time the artiste, Michael Adangba, had his region, Upper East and Kassena Nankana Traditional Area duly represented by Wekia, at the final stage of the most popular Pageant in Ghana now.

Michael Adangba is credited for many inspirational songs, including songs that urge citizenry to be law abiding and others that urge National leaders to be truthful and accountable to the citizenry.

Adangba has produced some campaign songs for politicians in the Upper East and even some Presidential Candidates in the past and were good and very helpful to those politicians.

The multilingual musician has been recognized and celebrated outside Ghana, unfortunately, Michael Adangba is not celebrated in Ghana.

His songs though “danceable”, many people who listen to them end up reflecting on their lifestyles and their contributions to national and community development, and so the public mistakenly does not connect his songs to entertainment.

Michael Adangba performs mostly with a live band and produces most of his beats from local and foreign instruments.

The artiste in some earlier interviews with A1 Radio, had complained of not been properly recognized and appreciated by TV3 for using his song for the Ghana’s Beautiful Pageant, which he said was unfortunate.

Even though he has never been against the use of his music for the programme, he believes that, a public acknowledgement will encourage more artistes to also do developmental and inspirational songs and less of the profane songs.

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