The Northern Regional Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mohammed Baantima Samba has cautioned against illegal campaign activities undertaken by some individuals of the party across the region before the stipulated time for nominations.

Some members of the NPP in recent months have begun what appears to be political campaign though the party has not officially opened nominations for interested persons to file.

Many activities of these individuals are described by many people in the area as abuse of power. This is because, some of them are holding political appointment. They flamboyantly distribute items and material wealth to inhabitants in some of the constituencies in the region.

This, the party’s Regional Chairman believe contravenes the laid down rules and regulations of the party.

According to Chairman Samba, the constituency executives of the party have complain bitterly to the Regional Executive Committee about the conduct of some of the prospective parliamentary aspirants.

“Prospective aspirants are therefore reminded that their conduct undermines the laid down structures at the very constituencies they seek to represent” he stated in a communiqué issued and signed by the Regional Secretary, Alhaji Sibdow Alhassan Yakubu.

He continued: “how do you expect to have the full support of the constituency executives in the event that you emerge as the party’s candidate for the 2020 parliamentary elections if you do not regard them in your current activities at the constituency?”

Consequent to that, he said all the activities of those individuals must be done in consultation with the party constituency executives. He added the Regional Executive Committee will take punitive actions against any person who fails to respect the decision of the party.

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Information gathered by A1 news has it that, the NPP is likely to begin processes to select parliamentary candidates across the country from June 2019.

As a result, some bigwigs of the New Patriotic Party have begun their campaign to secure the mandated of the electorates.

Source: | Mohammed Gadafi | Ghana




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