Nearly three years after pushing the former president of Gambia, Yahaya Jammeh out of power and out of the country, his head which appeared on the Gambian currency notes has also been taken off and replaced with birds.

The new currency notes have been accepted by many Gambians claiming they are beautiful than the previous one with Yahaya Jammeh head.

The acceptance and love for the new currency by Gambians is an indication that the former president’s popularity has drastically gone down and his efforts to get recognized and accepted back by Gambians may not work anytime soon.

In recent time, Yahaya Jammeh has come under pressure for ordering the killing of his own people and some West Africans, including Ghanaians.

The Central Bank of Gambia in Banjul began distributing new 50, 100 and 200 notes in the local Dalasi currency in early August 2019, without the face of former president, Yahaya Jammeh, which was expected.

All the new notes now have birds on one side and a variety of local scenes – ranging from a farmer in a rice paddy to a fisherman in a boat at sea, on the other side.

Source: | Moses Apiah | Ghana



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