Mr. Bennin Douri Issifu (RIO, UE/R )

Municipal and District Information Service Officers as well as Cinema Commentators with the Information Services Department (ISD) in the Upper East Region have been empowered with the requisite knowledge on the upcoming district level elections and referendum.

This is in line with the Electoral Commission scheduled day on December 17, to conduct a referendum to give a greenlight for the amendment of Article 55 Clause 3 of Ghana’s 1992 Constitution.

This bill when passed into law will enable political parties to file and fund candidates for the election of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) portfolios in the country.

Eligible voters on the 17th December, 2019 will be asked to vote YES or NO to accept or reject the referendum.

Upper East Regional Information Officer, Bennin Douri Issifu addressing his staff during the capacity building workshop said at least 40 percent of eligible voters must turn out on the day and if 75 votes YES in favor, then, political parties can present candidates to be voted to become MMDCEs.

Mr. Issifu admonished the ISD staff to be conversant with the right information to further educate the public on the local level elections and the referendum for the election MMDCEs.

He stated further stated that the election of MMDCEs comes with a lot of benefits which he is optimistic Ghanaians through the messages which would be channeled out by the ISD officials will vote in favor of the referendum.

“It will promote local democracy because the people will have the opportunity to choose people they want to represent them based on political lines. Also, it shall guarantee the tenure of office of MMDCEs and that will give the MMDCEs sound mind to be able to think and bring development to their people,” he outlined.

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ISD Officers – Upper East Region

Bolgatanga Municipal Chief Executive, Joseph Amiyuure addressing the ISD staff said the amendment of the constituency which will pave way for election of MMDCEs is in line with the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) 2016 campaign promise to Ghanaians.

“The president wants the people to decide who should lead them. It is very rare to see a president who wants to lease some of his powers. It is an opportunity given to all of us and we should not allow it to slip. Information Services Officers should give the right information to the public because there are a lot of mix feelings in the public”, he stated.

Mr. Joseph Amiyuure – Bolgatanga MCE

Bolgatanga Municipal Assistant Director, Mohammed Awal cautioned that Civil Servants will not be allowed to contest to become MMDCEs while in office if the article 55 (3) is amended.

“You are not allowed to contest on a ticket of a political party but in respect of the district level election, you are allowed to contest but as soon as you win, you have to resign your position as a Local Government’s worker or a Civil Servant”, he indicated.

Source:|Joshua Asaah




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