Politicians have been admonished to go beyond their political linings and consider the interest of the country first in taking decisions.

Former Chief Executive Officer,CEO of National Petroleum Authority(NPA) Moses Asaga said anyone who has been appointed in the public service deems it a core responsibility to serve the country not their ideologies.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with A1 Radio, Mr. Asaga revealed how he had to defy political odds to employ a son of former NPP General Secretary, Kwabena Agyapong at the NPA as a civil engineer.

According to Mr.Asaga, he resisted attempts by some party members to victimize people because of their political affiliations.

“ I know my people will not want to hear this but even in NPA as the CEO ,one of the two people that I employed that I shouldn’t have,was son of Kwabena Agyapong , the Secretary General of the NPP then I said no,I cannot victimize Kwabena Agyapong’s son who is a Civil Engineer because his father is NPP General Secretary and a few others.But we must all together fight for mother Ghana and I’m very happy that his excellency John Dramani Mahama is also taking my posture because, you have seen that he is not vindictive and even during this Coronavirus, he came out with suggestions even for the NPP government and that is how we must move this nation “ He stated.

He made these revelations to make a point that partizan politics and power should not be used as a tool of destruction but nation building.

The former Member of Parliament for Nabdam Constituency in the Upper East Region also added that politicians should always endeavor to give recognitions to roles played by some individuals and parties that have also contributed immensely towards the growth of the country and avoid the unnecessary blame games.

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“I believe that we are all here to serve mother Ghana so to serve mother Ghana , we should be as objective as possible to a greater extent and the only way for you to be object to serve mother Ghana is to be a model and to give due recognition where recognition is required and that is how I have always played my politics and that is why even within the NPP they sometimes endured me in Parliament. Because when I was in opposition and I was the ranking member for finance before Hon. Osafo Marfo will read his budget,he will invite me to Akosombo and say Moses , this is the budget I’m going to read next week what is your take on it ? And then I will look at it and give a few suggestions but doesn’t take away my political punches “ you remember my famous ‘Kwashiokor budget ? My famous and the killer punch ‘wahala budget’ that removes the NPP government and that is the way I’m going to continue’’ He added.





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