Deputy Attorney General and MP for Tempane Constituency in the Upper East Region, Joseph Dindiok Kpemka has asserted that it takes only smart people to get their share of the national cake for the people they represent.

Hence, those are unable to send development and projects to their constituency, have no lobbying skills or connections.

According to him, political leadership is a venture for the survivalist the fitters not merely holding a position.

Mr. Dindiok’s innuendo assertions were in response to people who think he has been to bring astronomical developments to his area since his party came into office with him being the MP and Minister because of his influence in government.

“The elephant meat is plenty, whoever have a sharp knife will cut, so it is not that we are depriving other areas, but it is that we are lobbying and you know that government intends equitably distributing the cake, but it is the way you present yourself that will let you get the benefits for your people. If they tell you that money is available for 100 people and each person is getting 2 and after giving the 2 to everybody, there are 3 extra left, it is the way you lobby that will be able to give you extra. So, is the way we are playing our cards that is giving us some of these advantages” He said.

The Deputy Minister who was speaking in an interview with A1 News, further assured his constituents of more developments in the pipeline when he is voted into office in the upcoming elections.

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“I can assure you that the people are going to appreciate what is happening and some of the things I have mentioned are evidence based. On your way from here, you check the road CHAMBASCO is working on this one, the one you plied and came smooth as if a tied road another contractor did that, you saw the chippings poured on the road, he now going to construct the drains, and other contractors are on site at Bugri-Basonde and some other areas across the constituency. So all these roads are under construction” He stated.

Meanwhile, he has also indicated that in the Tempane Constituency, 3 to 4 One Village,One Dam were completed while some contractors have been asked to go back to site to correct some defects in other dams.|Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen




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