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Heart-melting stories, as guys check how their names are saved on their girlfriends’ phones

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Studies have shown that when a man falls in love, he usually loves the person wholeheartedly without reservations, and will do anything to keep the relationship, but same cannot be said about women.

As a man, have you ever thought for once to check your girlfriend’s phone to see how she saved your telephone number and with what name?

In a random interaction with some guys in the Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region, they shared their heart-melting stories of how their supposed girlfriends have saved their names on phones.

Pius Atiah told A1 Radio it never occurred to him to check how his girlfriend saved his contact number until his friend advised him to do so.

He said “I was shocked after checking through her phone; the only name she could think of giving me was ‘Desert boy’. She saved my number as desert boy. I was so surprised the girl I loved and had spent so many resources on would ever do that to me. I didn’t let her know that I knew who her desert boy was. So one day, I took her to a restaurant together with her three friends and asked them to order whatever food they wanted and they did.”

“As we were all eating, I got up, went straight to the waiter, paid for my own, and left them there. Up till now, anytime she sees me, she will be raining insults on me but I never cared.”

Richard Amoah also narrated that his girlfriend saved his number as “Mr. Confusion” but when confronted, she was bold enough to explain to him why such a name.

According to Richard, his girlfriend’s reason was that anytime she was with him, they mostly argue on issues; hence, the name confusion.

“Though, her explaining was right, I still didn’t understand why she will not use my real name instead of the word ‘confusion’. So, I told her that we could not be together based on her attitude. Yes, I planned to marry her, but upon seeing that confusing name on her phone as my name, I advise myself. Though it was a painful move, I never regretted it.”

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On his part, Roger Ayinbire noted that “It didn’t occur to me to check her phone to see what name she saved my contact because she was not even my kind of girl. But what angered me was that one day, I missed her call and called her back and she requested for food; and I agreed to buy it for her.”

“After speaking, she thought that I ended the call, so she quickly told her friends that ‘the John guy has agreed to buy me the food.’ and I heard it. So, I just sent the food to her and replied her that, your John guy has finally brought your food. That ended the relationship and up to date, she has been calling me but I won’t mind her.”

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But how far can some women take the attitude of saving unimaginable names on for their guys? Joanna, as she wants to be called, told this reporter that the attitude was not only peculiar to ladies but cut across; as some men do same.

She said “Imagine, a guy comes to you, you accepted him with all your heart and you later realized that he is married. What will do to yourself? Definitely, the second guy that will come, you will have to be careful and not take him seriously. So don’t blame some of us when we saved guys we meet for the first time their numbers with such names. I ever saved a guy’s number as poverty. Because he was so poor and could not offer me anything I requested. So, poverty was a perfect fit for him.”

Rosemary, a friend of Joanna said “I have never saved a guy’s number with a made-up name. What I do is that, if you come and I like you, I will collect your name and number, but if I don’t like you, I will not even let you waste my time.”

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHZ|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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