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Family planning is not sinful – Alhaji Iddi

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Alhaji Issifu Seidu Iddi, Northern Regional Director of the National Population Council has dispelled some myths around family planning saying it is not sinful to engage in the practice.

He said it was ignorant to speak against family planning and said family planning was essential for all couples as it reduced the burden on them. “God is not against it”, he added.

He said it was a fact in Islam that “Allah says He does not want to give us a load that we cannot carry,” quoting a verse in the Quran, which read “Allah desires for you ease,” He desires no hardship for you,” arguing that this meant couples must have a family size that they could adequately cater for.

Alhaji Iddi stated this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Tamale to educate couples on the need to embrace family planning for the benefit of society.

Statistics showed that the number of couples using contraceptives in the Northern Region stood at 10.8 per cent, while those, who wanted to limit their pregnancy, but were doing nothing about it or not using contraceptives, stood at 27.8 per cent.

This translated into high fertility rate of 5.9 per cent in the region, which was the highest in the country.

There are various family planning techniques including; use of condoms, pills, surgical methods amongst others, which couples can choose from depending on their preferences and medical situation.

However, some couples were averse to family planning techniques as they argued that such a practice was sinful and against God’s desire for families.

Alhaji Iddi spoke about the need for family planning, indicating that it was about giving couples the choice to make the size and number of children they desired, help to slow down population, improve the health of women and ensure socio-economic development.

He, therefore, encouraged all couples to embrace family planning and said it was observed that couples with a small size family were able to take good care of the house and be able to make savings to support their families.


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