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GIZ celebrates World Women’s Day in UWR

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The German Development Corporation (GIZ), on Wednesday, celebrated women to mark the International Women’s Day with a call on women to dare to brace all odds and venture into areas that are considered for males.

“Dare and take the space, dare and enter areas that are considered generally male. If you want to do something do not allow somebody else to stop you,” Madam Rita Weidinger, Executive Director, ComCashew/GIZ, said.

She was speaking at a brief event in Wa on Wednesday to celebrate some women in the Upper West Region who had distinguished themselves and ventured into sectors that were considered a preserve for males.

The women included Madam Margaret Joyce Dangah, a retired Assistant Director of Prisons who had ventured into cashew farming and currently cultivates 32 acres of cashew farm while intercropping.

The rest were Madam Asana Adams, an architect and Head of Works Department at the Wa Municipal Assembly and 42 years old Madam Seidu Kutum, a farmer at Loggu who currently cultivates about 15 acres of farm land.

Madam Weidinger, however, urged the women to also maximise the power of communication in their quest to make a difference and not to “confront a war”.

“It is not having men against women and women against men, it is about having opportunities for both, it is about negotiation,” she noted.

She explained that having access to farm land had been a major challenge affecting women who were into agriculture, and emphasised the need for husbands and men to release fertile lands to women to cultivate.

“Gender equality is about having equal access; it’s about having equal benefits. But access to land by women farmers is difficult especially to grow tree crops,” Madam Weidinger said.

She also encouraged women to master courage, break the pattern and explore more opportunities to excel in fields considered to be for the males.

“Equality is not in the forefront in the world, so the women have challenged themselves and have made the difference and serve as a source of inspiration so there is the need to celebrate them and inspire ladies of the next generation,” Dr. Jasmin Marston, Project Manager, GIZ EU-REACH, has indicated.

According to her, gender equality was a global issue, and that the GIZ was working to promote gender equality in society.

Dr Marston observed that women had several bridges – fetching water, gathering firewood, child care among others – to cross in order to excel and that they were working to see how they could find solutions to those challenges.

Madam Asana Adams, one of the celebrants, noted that her journey to becoming an architect was fraud with several challenges, but that she never looked back in the face of those challenges.

She was currently the third female architect and first Muslim female architect in the Upper West Region.

Source: GNA
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