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David Apasara is unemployed, just spending PNC money – PNC General Secretary

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The General Secretary of the Peoples’ National Convention, Janet Nabla has accused the 2020 Flagbearer of the party, David Apasara of spending party funds for his personal gains.

According to her, the party’s 2020 flagbearer and some others spent money that came into the party’s coffers during the campaign period and therefore has no moral right to accuse her of embezzling party funds.

Madam Nabla was reacting to allegations made against her of embezzling GHc 30,000.00 belonging to the Peoples National Convention, in an interview with A1 Radio in Bolgatanga.

“I took that money and paid it to the office to be distributed to the 16 regional offices, in the regions we don’t have party offices. When small money enters our coffers, Apasara and his squad will take the money and share the money, this is what they do. So, on the platform I said, this money let’s give it to the regional offices because they have been complaining that they don’t have money. The regions got the money and they were happy, and because they were happy with me, he wrote a letter to discredit me.” Madam Nabla said.

Earlier, the flagbearer of the Peoples’ National Convention, David Apasara also in an interview with A1 Radio had complained that the General Secretary is deliberately working to tarnish his image for reasons best known to her, adding that, “I am surprised at her actions and claims that I have embezzled party money, especially when she was at a meeting when the treasurer gave an account of how the party’s funds were spent and was applauded.”

He accused the General Secretary, Janet Nabla of rather not being serious with her duties and abandoning the party’s activities.

In a response to Mr. Apasara’s claim, Janet Nabla said the 2020 flagbearer has hijacked the party with his squad and they are running it the way they want.

“This man anytime you see him calling me they want me to come and write a letter for them as if I am a secretary. I am the General Secretary but I am not the secretary to the party, the party has a secretary. The General Secretary happens to be the CEO of the party. It will be an insult for anybody to think that the General Secretary means a secretary. I am the General Secretary meaning CEO.” Madam Nabla noted.

She accused David Apasara of not liking her and made it clearly known to her during the party’s National Executives election.

“Apasara told me that he doesn’t want a woman as a General Secretary because women are incapable …, this man has been on my tail; he is a very wicked man, I have said it.” Janet Nabla said.

Source: a1Radioonline.com/101.1MHz/ Ghana

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