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Cola-nut traders attribute fall in business to some pastors’ incitement

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Some cola nut traders in the Bolgatanga Municipality of the Upper East Region are lamenting bitterly about the current trend of their business.

The cola nut business they say is at the peak of collapsing due to the continuous tagging of cola nut by some pastors as a “fetish nut”.

According to them, some pastors think that cola nut is used for voodoo purposes hence they usually tell their members not to consume or associate with those who consume it.

Speaking to A1 Radio, the traders noted that some pastors will even go to the extent of labeling people who consume cola nut and have their teeth being red as either witches or wizards.

Adaayeliya Ataabosi, a trader noted that his business is gradually collapsing due to some spiritual tags associated with people who consume cola nut.

He said: “People no longer chew cola nut because of the spiritual notion attach to it. Mostly some people always conclude that those who consume it are either traditionalist or backward people. These are some reasons many people nowadays do not like chewing cola nut. Again, youth nowadays want to have white teeth so will not want to chew cola nut. And by so doing our business is collapsing.”

Another trader Anasamo Awudu, stressed that he does not still understand why some churches will tell their members not to consume cola nut simply because some people often used it for traditional activities.

He asked: “Where in the Bible does it says that cola nut is evil? Or said that thus shall not chew cola nut. Some churches should understand that cola nut is a fruit, just like mango and orange. They should stop inciting their members against cola nut.”

In the Northern part of Ghana, cola nut is largely used for some traditional activities especially marriages and funeral rites.

Cola nut is also used to settle disputes as well as welcome guests to one’s environment.

Some consumers who also spoke to A1 Radio noted that since they started chewing cola nuts they have never had any health effects, but will not also encourage someone to join, as they do not know of the long-term effects of chewing it.

Mma Akua, a 56-year-old woman explained that she started chewing cola nut at the age of 25.

She noted that it was her late mother that made her love cola nut and usually chew it any time she is stressed or loses her appetite.

Mma Akua further advised that she will not encourage the young ones to venture into chewing cola nut as it will spoil their teeth.

David Akolgo also said that he usually takes it to calm his nerves because he is addicted to cola nut hence will hope to stop chewing it.

Meanwhile, scientific research has it that cola nut can be used for short-term relief of fatigue, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, weight loss, and migraine headaches.

Source: A1Radioonline.com | 101.1 MHz | Moses Apiah | Ghana

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