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Water crisis hits Dungu, Nyeshee and Damankung-yili electoral area, leading to absenteeism in schools – Assembly member

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Water crisis in the Dungu, Nyeshee and Damankung-yili electoral area in the Sagnarigu Municipality of the Northern Region is leading to absenteeism in school.

According to the assembly man of the electoral area Musah Saule, the water crisis has negatively impacted their children education leading to poor academic performance and absenteeism because when the children find it difficult in getting water to bath they avoid going to school.

Some residents at the dried dam site

Mr. Musah said that, the communities that are badly affected by the water crisis are, Dungu, Sogashee, Damankung-yili and Wayamba.

He stated that, these communities depended on the pipe and the dam which was their only source of water but the dam has dried up.

He revealed that to buy water at the cost of GHC 1.00 per gallon and due to the nature of their household, 30 gallons of water cannot even sustain a household for two days which is causing financial challenges.

Residents of Dungu, Nyeshee, and Damankung-yili electoral area expressed worry over the scarcity of water in the municipality.

The dam which is the only alternative water source serving these communities has dried up and is no more accessible.

Some residents who spoke to A1 Radio expressed fears that if the water scarcity persists it will affect their daily lives and bring unbearable suffering to them.

Some residents say they are not happy about how the situation is compelling them to buy water from tricycles operators which is costly and further put more economic pressure on them.

Abdulai Fuseina, a resident of Sogashee community in the electoral area said the water privation is making them anxiety and this has greatly affected their businesses rendering some redundant.

Meanwhile, the assemblyman of the electoral area revealed that several appeals have been made to the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) in the Northern Region but they are yet to receive any assistance from them.

Mr. Musah therefore appeals to the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), government and philanthropist to come to their aid.

Source:|101.1MHz|Tii Sanduogbil Thomas |Ghana






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