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Introduction of E-cedi, a step in the right direction – Economist

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An independent economist Dr. Samuel Worlanyo Mensah has applauded the step taken by the Bank of Ghana (BOG) to consider introducing E-cedi in the Ghanaian economy.

According to Dr. Worlanyo, the world is fast moving towards electronic money so it is obvious that one day it will get to Ghana and the earlier BOG start planning for it the better for the populace.

Dr. Worlanyo, was speaking in an interview on Day Break Upper East show on A1 Radio said, we are in a knowledge base and digital economy with other advanced nations are already far advance in digital economy so we would have no option than to accept because the world is already moving towards digital economy.

He said, the country is already on operating some form of digital economy such as mobile money, and electronic bank transfers so if we now want to scale it up to have an expanded digital economy, it’s a welcoming thought.

He said, significant number of people in the country are yet to fully understand the electronic money and its operations so some education is needed to sensitize them about e-money.

He called, on the BOG to put measures in place to prevent fraudulent individuals from taking advantage of the situation to defraud people through the e-cash platform.

Source: A1Radioonline.com| 101.1MHz| Ghana

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