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Asana-Bugre Jonathan Contempt Writes….

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Good morning, fellow Patriots.

I send you warm greetings from Bongo High Street.

I cease this opportunity to welcome you all to this all important Constituency Delegates Conference, and once again, I congratulate colleague patriots and all executives at the various levels for the selfless high-spirited fight we mounted against the NDC in the just ended elections 2020.

The results from the various polling station reflects how well-thought-through our plans were, the competent and all day round delivery of our campaign messages as well as the tenacity of purpose with which we arrested the campaigns.

The spirit of team work played out, and we chalked great success, even though unfortunately, we did not win the parliament seat, as we were bent on taking it from the incompetent and clueless MP.

But, I am sure, many of us are down-spirited, because our expectations have not been met.

The year has been tough and rough, making all of us to be worried of our fortunes in the party. Our hopes are in shambles and we are not too sure of what lies ahead of us.

However, everyday may not be good, but there is always something good in everyday. We should not be willing to get knocked down and imbibe in ourselves the spirit of self-determination.

The Constituency Delegates Conference forum provides yet another opportunity for us to meet as a party and deliberate on ways of broadening the fortunes of our great party, the NPP. We need to reflect on what went well and what went wrong so we can incorporate lessons into our daily party activities.

As the saying goes, many times, what we perceive as error or failure is actually a gift. And eventually we find that lessons learned from the discouraging experience prove to be of great worth”. From this, we should accept the fact that there is no failure when lessons have been learned. We are great men and women who are proud to belong to he ‘elephant’ family.

According to Joshua J. Marine, ” challenges are what make life interesting an overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. Let’s pick ourselves and do what is expected of us for a better NPP. Our goals cannot cannot be achieved at our various electoral areas if we lose sight and break down due to our challenges.

Let’s keep hoping for our hopes would become a reality.

I wish I could take part in today’s activity, but things are beyond my control.

Make time and active participants, as that is the surest way of building a more resilient and responsive political entity,

I wish you all the best and may we continue to work for NPP and mother Ghana.

Long live NPP!
Long live Ghana!

Source: A1Radioonline.com| 101.1MHz| Ghana

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