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DCE nominee for Garu given 7-days to reinstate sacked NABCO personnel else, he’ll be rejected again

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The President’s District Chief Executive (DCE) nominee for Garu in the Upper East Region, Osman Musah, has been given a 7-days ultimatum to take steps to reinstate some personnel of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) in the Garu District who were allegedly withdrawn from the programme; else, he will be rejected a second time as DCE for the area.

Mr. Osman was among DCE nominees in the region who have failed to obtain the two-third majority required for their confirmation.

Discussing the issue Thursday, on A1 Radio’s Daybreak Upper East show, a communication team member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Upper East Region, Abdallah Jonathan Salifu, stated that some of the President’s nominees were being rejected by Assembly Members due to the sins they (nominees) committed in the past.

He said “The people who are being rejected now are simply paying for the sins they committed before and during the 2020 general elections. They’re simply paying for the sins they committed.”

Citing the case of the Garu District Assembly for example; he said some 17 persons in the district were unlawfully withdrawn from Nabco on the basis that they were members of the NDC.

According to Mr. Salifu, the unfair withdrawal of the NABCO personnel formed part of the reasons why the Garu DCE nominee was rejected by members of the Assembly.

“In the case of Garu, the condition we have given to the DCE nominee is that all the 17 people they sacked under NABCO because they were NDC members, we want them reinstated before the DCE can be confirmed.” He statted.


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