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Education taking serious hit in Vea E/A – Assembly Member

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The Vea community is worried that education would continue to be affected should the rains set in. Speaking on behalf of community members, the Assembly Member for the Vea Electoral Area, Robert Ayariga explained that during the rainy season, it is difficult for commuters to cross the Vea Irrigation dam in their bid to access other parts of the Vea Electoral Area.

He said due to the deterioration of the spillways along with parts of the bank of the dam, the area is inundated with water, thus, community residents are unable to cross to either side of the town. The situation, he said, has a serious effect on education in the area. He said teachers are unable to muddle through the water into the town to teach the children.

Mr. Ayariga, speaking to A1 News added that many attempts to draw the attention of the relevant authorities have proved futile. He said the most recent attempt to construct a bridge that will allow easy access to the community was by the Bongo District Assembly. However, after the 2020 election, nothing has been heard from the Assembly.

According to the Assembly Member, there could be a deliberate attempt to ignore the plight of the people of Vea.

On education infrastructure, Mr. Ayariga said the area is bedevilled with many challenges. He said at Vea-Tangapoore, a Kindergarten was begun 2 years to offer education to toddlers in the area. The Assembly Member disclosed that while the school has begun to grow in numbers and standards (the addition of Basic 1), the school continues to be operated under the shade of a tree. A situation, he explained poses serious concerns.

At Vea-Kulipeelga, Mr Ayariga explained that while the community has a Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High school, the structure and furniture available for use are woefully inadequate. He said but for the intervention of Mawuns Construction Company, students at the Kindergarten along with Basic 1 to Basic 3 levels would have been sitting on the floor to study.

“When you go to class 4 to JHS, nothing is there. Even the floor for them to even sit is spoiling. When they wash their clothes on Monday for school, everything becomes dirty because they sit on the floor,” he explained.

The case of inadequate furniture and classroom structure is the same in the Vea community itself.

Mr. Ayariga pleaded with well-meaning individuals and organisations to go to the aid of the schools in his electoral area.

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