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Fuel at ghc7.99: Brace yourselves, you’ll pay more – Importers warn

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The persistent increase in fuel prices is expected to have a biting effect on Ghanaians. This is after the recent increase of fuel prices at the pump to ghc7.99 by some Oil Marketing Companies. Globally, the prices of fuel have also gone up.

As such, importers have asked Ghanaians to mentally prepare themselves for the barrage of price increases in finished, semi-finished products as well as raw materials imported into the country.

Sampson Asaki Awingobit, Executive Secretary of the Importers and Exporters Association of Ghana (IEAG), speaking on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East said “fuel price increase is going to have an impact on the business that we do. The increase tells you that if one is clearing cargo from the port, I always say no one is carrying the good he or she imported through our ports by his or her head to the market. Definitely, you are going to engage transport owners to transport your cargo for you”.

He continued to say that prices for the haulage of goods will increase forcing the final retailers to increase their prices as well.

Mr. Awingobit urged the government to wade into the conversation about the prices of fuel and take decisions that will provide relief for Ghanaians.

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Meanwhile, Emmanuel Wullingdool, an Agriculture Consultant who doubles as the Executive Director for the Centre for Women in Agriculture and Nutrition (CWAN) has also asked Ghanaians to brace themselves for further increases in the prices of food and food products available on the Ghanaian market.

He explained that due to the direct relationship between fuel prices and transport fares, Ghanaian families would suffer severe consequences considering the constant increase in price of fuel.

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