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5k YEA nurse assistants: Taking medical records of patients not for novices – UER GRNA Chairman to gov’t

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The Upper East Regional Chairman of the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNA), Thomas Labon has berated the government on its plans to recruit about 5000 Senior High School (SHS) graduates to help nurses on CHPS compounds across the country.

YEA argues that the assistants would help nurses with services, including recording medical history and symptoms, conducting physical examinations, and providing simple bedside care to patients, mostly in rural communities.

But Mr. Lambon is not enthused about the government’s decision. He spoke on A1Radio.

“Taking medical records of patients and their history, it is not a joke for any novice to come. You need to go through certain training and given certain information, certain steps you take for somebody come and sit before you and open his or her mouth and tell you this is what I’m suffering from; is not just so easy like that.”

According to him, “we have over 10,000 of them sitting in the house. If they have the ability, they have the financial muscle that they want to invest into this, why don’t you employ those who are already sitting.”

“They have finished, you spent some money training them. Now they’re sitting and wasting, then you are going ahead to now even take people to train them for how long. But if they’re people who actually qualified, they passed out through SHS, fair they are our children the council is there, the requirement is there let them apply and they go through the training, you pay them the allowances or whatever you want.”

He asked the government to divert the resources to those who are already in the various health training schools suffering as a result of unpaid allowances. Mr. Lambon said nurses already have nurse assistants sitting home waiting for employment.

“For nurses, we already have our Nurse Assistants, there are there in the home sitting waiting for employment. Some of them have logged into the portal for employment up to date. We have walked the corridors of the Ministry of Finance and the rest to talk to them to absorb them, instead of the so-called assistants they’re talking about, this will be a thing of the past.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Osuman Kaapore Tahiru|Ghana

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