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William Jalulah writes: Stop running down our coach

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The kinds of negative descriptive words and expressions some Ghanaians are spewing at the coach after our loss to Brazil, can make him leave the job. We should just be mindful of our utterances.

This morning. I heard a ‘sports analyst’ say he wished we hadn’t played the friendly match because the coach and the boys disgraced us. Like seriously?

In fact, when I heard him, I screamed and jumped while driving. I asked, disgraced you and who? To say the least, this was a reckless comment. He even added that if the coach doesn’t sit up, he will soon be fired. Can you imagine? As if he appointed the coach and gave him a target that he is failing to meet.

Even those of us who, going into the game declared that Ghana was going to beat Brazil, won’t be so naive to believe ourselves because Ghana is yet building a formidable team.

Why can’t or won’t those attacking the coach and the boys appreciate that this was a friendly match meant to help the coach put his team together?

As for me, this coach has shown the qualities we need in our national team coach and to have people running him down, is horrendous.

It’s true Ghanaians love foot football.

It’s true Ghana, in the past chalked successes in football.

It’s also true Ghana has produced great footballers.

However, we must appreciate that everything has its generation and football isn’t an exception. That’s why most countries that were feared when it came to football are no longer feared. Today, almost every country is a football nation.

Instead of blaming the coach at this stage of his rebuilding of the team, let’s rather encourage him to succeed.

NB: I haven’t said people shouldn’t comment on the performance of the team neither have I said people shouldn’t criticise the coach. No. What I have simply said is that, we should be constructive in our criticisms and allow the gentleman to build the team.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|William Nlanjerbor Jalulah|Ghana

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