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Overlord of Buru-Navio Traditional area calls for unity among chiefs

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The Overlord of Buru-Navio Traditional Area in the Kassena Nankana West District of the Upper East Region, Pe Adams Kwarase Asongojem Parijei Adurigola II has called on chiefs and traditional leaders in the Upper East Region to unite and fight for the total development of the region.

Speaking at his 10th Anniversary celebration at Navio, the chief said the region continues to be underdeveloped because chiefs are not united enough to fight for the needed development.

“The whole Upper East chiefs, let us try to unite ourselves and fight for development because we are lagging behind. We do not have anything except the land but we do not have the needed support when it comes to farming. Let’s stay away from politics and respect our skin because politics is for politicians but chieftaincy is for chiefs. If you want to combine both chieftaincy and politics, God will not be happy with you and your subjects will not respect you.”

“If we want development in the Upper East Region, we should come together as chiefs, God fearing and honest chiefs, in order to bring good things to the region. If we do this and one day we are not around, people will recognize the contributions we made to the development of the region.”

Meanwhile, residents in the Navio electoral area, under the Kassena-Nankana West District are appealing to the government to consider establising a shea butter processing factory in the area. A factory in the area would help the women groups involved in the picking of shea nuts to add value to the nuts.

According to the Assembly man for the Navio electoral area, Roland Apugido when the women who pick the shea nuts are able to add value to the nuts, they would be able to increase their incomes.

Mr. Apudigo was speaking at the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Overlord of the Buru-Navio Traditional Area, Navio Pio Pe Adams Kwarase Asongojem Parijei Adurigola II.

“We also have many shea nut trees where we harvest lots of shea nuts annually but our women do not have the necessary machinery for processing the nuts into oil. There’s also no ready market for the manually processed oil,” he said.

Mr. Apudigo also appealed for support for dry season farmers.

“The Navio community is blessed with a vast land which can be used for all year- round agricultural activities that can engage the youth but unfortunately, we have no water to farm during the dry season, so our doors are widely open for any investor who is willing to help us in this regard.”

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz| Samuel Adagom|Ghana

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