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Feedback is extremely important – CEO of B.C. Bencyn Ltd tells young business owners

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A highly successful entrepreneur, trainer, and CEO of B.C. Bencycn Limited, Benjamin Anyanah, recently emphasized the importance of feedback for young entrepreneurs. He considers feedback as one of the most valuable components of a business, as it allows for constant re-iteration and sustained success.

Mr. Anyanah shared his insights during a Business Forum organized on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show and moderated by Mark Smith, where he spoke about the significance of feedback in achieving business growth. His words of wisdom serve as a valuable reminder to aspiring entrepreneurs who seek to create successful ventures.

“You have to listen to feedback. You fail to take feedback, and because you have made it that people cannot tell you things like this is wrong, and you feel you have made it, that is arrogance of success. That can send you to the gallows. Feedback is the breakfast for champaions. As I said earlier, whatever works best today is not neccesarily going to work tomorrow so your success depends on your ability to keep pn learning, investing and to put in crisis management strategies.”

Mr. Anyanah, explained that one of the biggest problems for young business people was the arrogance of power, a situation he had faced himself before.

He advised young business owners to keep proper books of account.

“You know, businesses must make profits. You need to look at the profits and profits do not necessarily mean cash. Based on that, you can determine what is yours so that you can fetch that and be using. In managing my finances, I am not saying people should do it but that is what I do. I do not use momo and I don’t use ATM. When I pick my money and it is finished, I am going home. You [as a business owner] needs to charter a path to manage your business,” he said.

Mr. Anyanah reminded business owners not to spend all their profits, but reinvest same into the business for expansion.

He also emphasised that young individuals interested in developing sustainable enterprises must generate powerful business ideas that solve societal challenges.

“I didn’t start this business with money. I started with an idea, a thought, a pain, and a need. These were the guiding principles. There was pain and need, and that brought up the idea of satisfying my need and that of others, then bringing it to the general public. The important thing is to build that tenacity. I want to do this. I am ready to go through what it takes to get it done. That is the most important thing. The rest are attractions to that idea.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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