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FDA cautions public on food safety as International Tea Day is celebrated by A1 Radio

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In light of International Tea Day, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has issued a stern warning to the public, emphasizing the crucial importance of being vigilant about the food products we consume.

The FDA underscores the significance of verifying whether the items we purchase are registered and approved by the regulatory body. This announcement comes as part of the global commemoration of International Tea Day, which serves as an opportunity to reflect on the cultural significance and economic impact of tea worldwide.

The FDA’s cautionary remarks carry weight, urging consumers to exercise due diligence in ensuring the safety and quality of the food items they bring into their homes. By verifying the registration status of products with the FDA, consumers can make informed choices and mitigate the risks associated with unregulated or potentially harmful food items. The FDA’s role in safeguarding public health and promoting food safety cannot be overstated, and their warning serves as a timely reminder for all citizens to prioritise their well-being.

The Upper East Regional Director of the FDA, Sebastian Mawuli Hotor, speaking with William Nlanjerbor Jalulah at the event, explained that ensuring that one purchases duly registered products is essential. 

“What actually brought me here was the fact that I saw that your poster was advertising herbal teas. I want to come and see if the herbal teas you were going to serve the people of the Upper East Region were duly registered. So far, the ones I have seen are duly registered with our outfit. Goducks. I think that generally, we should be health conscious. We should be looking at registered products. When it is registered with the FDA you can be sure that it is safe. If it is herbal tea, it would have detoxification and other things and just because it is a food product, it may have some health benefits as well. When you are taking it in and you know it is registered by the FDA, you are sure that it is safe,” he said. 

International Tea Day, celebrated annually on [date], provides an ideal occasion to highlight not only the joys and cultural practices surrounding tea consumption but also the broader context of food safety. The FDA’s statements align the importance of responsible food consumption with the spirit of International Tea Day, emphasizing the need for consumers to remain vigilant and make informed decisions regarding the products they purchase and consume.

As the public joins in the festivities of International Tea Day, the FDA’s reminder serves as a valuable call to action. By incorporating a sense of responsibility and awareness into our tea-drinking rituals, we can further appreciate the significance of food safety and promote a culture of informed consumption. Let us heed the FDA’s cautionary message and ensure that our tea moments are not only delightful but also safe and nourishing for all.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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