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Meet Jacob Avogo, entrepreneur in Upper East Region building mobile kitchens on tricycles

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Jacob Avogo, a visionary entrepreneur and CEO of Grow Africa, is spearheading a groundbreaking initiative to transform the food industry in the Upper East Region. His goal is to revolutionise traditional food kitchens by introducing innovative, simplified, and cost-effective solutions. 

Mr. Avogo has recently unveiled a pioneering concept: mobile food kitchens built on the bodies of tricycles, a widely-used mode of transportation in the region.

In an exclusive interview with Gerard Asagi on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show, Mr. Avogo shared his motivation behind this unique venture. Despite initial scepticism from individuals he consulted, he remained determined to explore this unconventional idea. The prototype he developed challenges the notion that such a concept is impractical.

By combining mobility and food preparation facilities, Mr. Avogo’s mobile kitchens on tricycles provide a flexible and convenient solution for food organisations in the region. 

This innovative approach aims to improve the efficiency and accessibility of food services while reducing operational costs. Mr. Avogo’s initiative showcases his commitment to harnessing creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to address local challenges in a sustainable and impactful manner.

As Mr. Avogo’s project gains traction, it holds the potential to revolutionise the food industry, inspire other entrepreneurs, and promote economic growth in the Upper East Region. 

“It is difficult to say you would get a place to set up these simple fast food joints. However, we have young guys and ladies who are into catering. So I then thought it would be very expensive, as a young person coming up. The amount they would charge you, you cannot pay. Imagine that you have gone to learn this thing in school for 3 years and yet you don’t have the space to turn it into a business, what do you do? I then said okay, MASLOC gives these vehicles on hire purchase. I said let me design a mobile kitchen; a kitchen on wheels. I started designing it and putting a few things in place. A lot of people, when I started, were saying the space would be too small and it wouldn’t be possible,” he said. 

Mr. Avogo hopes that these mobile kitchens would catch on and help young entrepreneurs interested in beginning the cooking journeys to start. The price of the mobile kitchen, according to Mr. Avogo, is mostly dependent on the cost of a tricycle. 

Currently a brand new mobile kitchen from Grow Africa, costs Ghc32,000.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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