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16-year-old inventor creates ‘clap switch detector’

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Kelvin Frimpong, a 16-year-old aspiring inventor, has captured people’s attention with his remarkable inventions despite facing the harsh reality of struggling to make ends meet in the Teshie community.

Kelvin, who hails from the Teshie community in the Ledzokuku Municipality, has invented a clapping switch detector for household use. This innovative device allows homeowners to turn lights or appliances on and off with a simple clap.

The idea for this invention came to life during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a period marked by stringent hygiene protocols. Kelvin shared, “You know, during the pandemic, frequent hand washing and avoiding contact with surfaces were encouraged as protective measures against the virus. So, I sat in my room, purchased components from shops, and created this device. Initially, my friends doubted my ability, but as a product of Tema Technical Institute, I believed in myself. Today, this clapping sound switch detector is a reality.”

He continued, “Additionally, I have developed another device that can detect the water level in your polytank. This device sends an alarm signal when the polytank is full, aiming to prevent water wastage in our homes.”

However, beneath his inventive spirit lies the daily challenge of putting food on the table. Kelvin comes from a background that struggles to make ends meet, and he often faces financial constraints that limit his ability to pursue his passion. He shared that the money kind people give him, intended for food, is often used to purchase practical items to improve his skills.

Kelvin’s dreams of finding assistance to achieve his goals are part of an ongoing journey, one he continues to pursue with determination and creativity.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga

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