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Students of OLL Girls SHS worried about personal hygiene issues due to water supply challenges

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Our Lady of Lourdes Girls’ Senior High School, located in the Kassena-Nankana Municipality of the Upper East Region, with a student capacity of 800, is grappling with inadequate water supply, putting the personal hygiene of its students at risk.

Despite having a mechanized borehole, the challenges arise from power supply issues and the insufficient water storage facilities catering to the needs of the school’s sizable population.

In an interview with our reporter, Moses Apiah, students shared their struggles with the insufficient water infrastructure. They revealed that the school frequently experiences water shortages, forcing them to forego personal hygiene routines.

One student explained, “Last week, for instance, I went to class without bathing. Our water supply was cut off, and the borehole attracts a large crowd. If I queued for water, I risked missing my class period, so I decided to go to class without bathing.”

“The situation is worrying because we are girls, and the health hazards of neglecting personal hygiene are apparent. Additionally, this is negatively impacting our academic performance,” another student emphasized.

Our Lady of Lourdes Girls’ Senior High School, despite being an educational institution, faces multiple challenges beyond water scarcity. Categorized as one of the most deprived girls’ schools in the region, it grapples with a shortage of essential teaching and learning materials. This deficit adversely affects the academic performance of the students, hindering their ability to excel in their studies.

Although the school authorities have not provided an official statement on tape, they have acknowledged the difficulties faced by both students and teachers.

The predicament of Our Lady of Lourdes Girls’ Senior High School highlights the broader challenges encountered by schools in less privileged areas, where infrastructural inadequacies hinder the pursuit of quality education.

The water scarcity issue not only compromises the well-being of the students but also underscores the urgent need for comprehensive improvements in the school’s infrastructure. The students appeal to opinion leaders, education stakeholders, and concerned individuals to come to their aid, emphasizing that personal hygiene is a collective responsibility that cannot be ignored.

Source:A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|Moses Apiah|Navrongo|

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