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Grass Pitch of Wonders; Unearthing Talents & Reducing Crimes Among Chiana-Paga Youth

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The youth in the Kassena-Nankana West District and parts of the Kassena-Nankana Municipal in the Upper East Region have described a natural green grass pitch as a symbol of hope, opportunity, and community transformation.

They say the pitch is not merely a field; it’s a sanctuary where dreams take flight, a haven that has unearthed talents previously hidden within their communities.

Constructed in 2017 by Nikyema Billa Alamzy, a businessman and currently the Parliamentary Candidate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the pitch has sparked a revolution in youth development and crime reduction, all through the power of football.

During a visit to the area, some of the youth shared stories of success, of friends who have risen from their midst to join prestigious clubs both locally and internationally.

Names like Alex Azariba, who ventured into the under-20 leagues, and Mariwan Asollor, who embarked on a journey to Sweden, were celebrated as inspirations for aspiring footballers.

Speaking to me, Frank, a local youth, reflected on how the pitch has transformed their community dynamics.

He remarked, “Just look at us here; we are enjoying ourselves. Most of the youth are here to watch us. Imagine the absence of this pitch; most of us would have either been in the drinking spots or at our various youth parliaments, arguing and causing confusion left and right.”

The pitch has become a focal point for constructive engagement, diverting young people away from idleness and petty crimes.

Salifu Shaibu Zida, Chairman of the Upper East Regional Football Association, emphasized the significance of the pitch for the entire region.

He indicated how it has not only boosted football activities but also lifted the region from the “embarrassment” of lacking a standardized pitch.

According to him, before its construction, the region struggled to host division one matches, forcing teams to travel to distant cities like Tamale.

“The pitch stands as a testament to progress, offering a platform for local talent to shine. Nikyema Billa Alamzy is a blessing for the region for the initiative he took to save us from the shame of not having a pitch in the region since the region’s creation,” he added.

Speaking to Nikyema Billa Alamzy, he recalled the motivation behind his investment. Witnessing the challenges faced by local teams and the financial burden of traveling for matches, he resolved to make a change.

“…When I heard the sad stories of some of the teams and the numerous challenges they usually faced regarding the cost involved in traveling outside of the region for their home matches, then I said enough was enough. That is the reason this pitch exists today.”

Despite skepticism from critics, he poured $25,000.00 into the construction of the pitch, driven by a desire to uplift football enthusiasts across the region.

Though the pitch lacks internal walls for protection, as said by Mr. Salifu, its impact transcends physical boundaries and has become a symbol of resilience, unity, and community empowerment.

As young talents continue to emerge and dreams take flight, the natural grass pitch in the Kassena-Nankana West District serves as a reminder of the transformative power of sport in shaping lives and communities.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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