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Public health nurse appeals to MPs, gov’t to equip Upper East Regional hospital to manage breast cancer

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Gifty Damsongor, a public health nurse at the Upper East Regional Hospital, has voiced serious concerns over the inadequate efforts by local authorities, especially Members of Parliament, in raising breast cancer awareness in the region.

Speaking on A1 Radio, Ms. Damsongor highlighted the growing incidence of breast cancer among women in various communities and lamented the lack of effective awareness campaigns.

“Breast cancer cases are gradually increasing, yet the awareness and educational efforts remain insufficient,” Ms. Damsongor remarked.

She emphasized that the lack of knowledge about the disease is a significant factor contributing to the high mortality rate, as many women resort to ineffective herbal treatments due to ignorance.

Ms. Damsongor stressed the urgent need for comprehensive awareness campaigns to educate women on early detection and proper medical treatment.

Providing alarming statistics, she revealed that approximately 4,000 women in the region are diagnosed with breast cancer annually, with nearly half of them succumbing to the disease.

“These numbers are a clear indication that more proactive measures are needed,” she said, questioning the commitment of the region’s MPs to addressing this critical health issue.

Joining the discussion on A1 Radio, Queen Mother Madam Jemima Abiibase Akansake of the Nabango community in the Kassena Nankana West District expressed her deep concern over the rising breast cancer cases in her community.

She echoed Ms. Damsongor’s sentiments, criticizing politicians for their apparent indifference and failure to implement measures that would make breast cancer treatment more accessible to rural women.

Pognaba Abiibase called for a concerted effort from the government and local authorities to prioritize breast cancer awareness and treatment.

“The efficiency of our politicians is questionable when it comes to initiating measures that could save the lives of countless women in rural areas,” she asserted.

They called for increased funding and support for awareness campaigns, early detection programs, and accessible treatment options.

They further urged MPs to take a more active role in mobilizing resources and driving initiatives that could significantly reduce breast cancer mortality rates.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga

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