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West Africa Drug Policy Network calls for policies to combat youth drug abuse

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The Communications Officer at the West Africa Drug Policy Network (WADPN), Michael Kumordzi Tetteh, has urged the government and relevant agencies to implement harm reduction policies and establish centers to address the growing issue of drug abuse among the youth.

Mr. Tetteh emphasized the urgent need for these facilities, where young people struggling with drug-related issues can seek help without facing prejudice or stigma.

Harm reduction centers are dedicated units that provide policies, programs, and practices aimed at minimizing the negative health, social, and legal impacts associated with drug use, drug policies, and drug laws.

These centers prioritize positive change, working with individuals without judgment, coercion, discrimination, or the requirement to stop using drugs as a precondition for support.

Speaking on A1 Radio in Bolgatanga as part of World Drug Day awareness activities, Mr. Tetteh indicated the critical role these centers play in supporting young people.

“Many youths who fall into drug abuse need places where they can walk in without being judged and find the help they need. Unfortunately, such centers are often lacking,” he said.

He pointed out that harm reduction strategies are essential for addressing the complex issues surrounding drug use.

These strategies not only help in reducing the immediate health risks but also provide a supportive environment for individuals to make positive changes in their lives, he added.

The communicator’s call aligns with the broader goals of harm reduction, which include providing safe spaces, needle exchange programs, education on safe drug use, and access to healthcare services.

World Drug Day is a day set to raise awareness about the impact of drug use and its trafficking on individuals, families, and communities across the world recognized by drug advocates across the globe as Support Don’t Punish Day – Global Day of Action.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga

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