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Talensi District Education Director urges parents to help children read more

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Talensi District Director of the Ghana Education Service, Madam Christiana Ayinezoya Azure, has called on parents and guardians to support teachers in promoting a reading culture among children.

She emphasized the importance of nurturing reading skills at home to complement educational efforts in schools.

Speaking at the district’s inaugural public primary schools reading competition, Madam Ayinezoya highlighted the critical role parents play in their children’s literacy development. She noted that even parents who cannot read should encourage their children to read aloud to someone else, reinforcing the practice and confidence in reading.

The event, held at the Gbeogo School for the Deaf in the Talensi District under the theme “Reading, a Pathway to the World,” aimed to inspire young students from Basic 1 to 3 to develop a passion for reading in both Ghanaian and English languages.

Madam Ayinezoya stressed that cultivating a habit of reading early in life is essential for academic success and broadening one’s horizons.

The reading competition festival is a collaborative initiative by USAID through the USAID/Ghana Strengthening Accountability in Ghana’s Education System (SAGES) systems strengthening activity, and other partners such as Afrikids, School for Life, Care, and Crown Agents.

This partnership underscores the collective effort to enhance literacy and educational outcomes for children in the region.

Madam Ayinezoya expressed her appreciation for the support of these organizations and highlighted the significance of such initiatives in promoting literacy. She urged parents to actively participate in their children’s learning journey, stressing that their involvement is crucial for the children’s academic and personal growth.

The competition featured engaging activities that showcased the reading abilities of the young participants, encouraging a spirit of healthy competition and enthusiasm for learning.

For the Basic 1 category, Nbapuyele Diligent of Pwalugu-Yinduri Circuit came 1st, followed by Tampugre Delphina of the Gbeogo Circuit and Apana Blessing of Winkogo Circuit, in the second and third place, respectively.

In Basic 2, Margaret Deezo of Gbeogo Circuit placed first, with Janice Ayambirei of Winkogo Circuit coming second, while the third place went to Apanzanga Pius of Pwalugu-Yinduri Circuit.

At the Basic 3 level, Ayine Blessing of Winkogo Circuit came first, while Ali Precious of the Pwalugu-Yinduri Circuit placed second. Boazie Stephanie of the Duusi Gaare-Gbani Circuit placed 3rd.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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