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Isaac Adongo’s achievements lauded by NDC in Bolgatanga Central Constituency

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Bolgatanga Central Constituency has outlined the achievements of Isaac Adongo, the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, in the North Zone communities.

According to the party, Mr. Adongo has implemented various developmental projects in the North Zone, which include Education, Healthcare, Roads, Water, and Sanitation, among other support to the people.

The communities that make up the North zone in the Bolgatanga Central constituency include Zaare East, Zaare West, Soe Central, Soe Yipala, Bolga Nyariga, Yorogo Up, and Yorogo Down.

The document released by the party’s Bolgatanga Central constituency deputy communication officer, Job Aboyom, noted that Mr. Adongo’s achievements have had a significant impact on the lives of the people in the North zone areas and have contributed to the development of the constituency as a whole.

Below is the full document highlighting the various projects:


Bolgatanga Central constituency is the regional capital of the Upper East region of Ghana, bordered to the south by Talensi constituency, north by Bongo constituency, east by Bolga East constituency, and west by Navrongo Central constituency, with twenty-seven (27) electoral areas grouped into six (6) zones which comprise North zone, South zone, East zone, Central zone, Sumbrungu zone, and Sherigu zone.

For the purpose of this article, we are dealing with developmental projects undertaken by Hon. Adongo Isaac in the north.

Hon. Isaac Adongo, MP for Bolgatanga Central Constituency, continues to let all zones within his Constituency feel and touch his developmental projects. He completes these impactful projects and gives credit to his constituents because of their singular act of reposing confidence in him nearly eight years ago and yet again, being ready to go the extra mile to mandate him to continue business in the next parliament as their proud representative.

The constituents say when Hon. Isaac Adongo delivers a project, he puts that project into their hands and tells them to own it and support the project to grow and benefit everybody, including his critics. Is there a surprise that Hon. Isaac Adongo is the MP for Bolgatanga Central looking at his records so far? He does not only talk but walks his talk.

In a notable demonstration of dedication to educational equity, Honorable Isaac Adongo, the esteemed National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament representing Bolgatanga, has done it again. The information below adds to his developmental scorecard in the constituency.


In the area of education, Hon. Isaac Adongo has once again lived up to the billing. He has done this by:
a. Supplying building materials for the construction of Yipala Junior High School located in Yipala community.
b. Completing the renovation of St. Paul Primary School.
c. Supplying eighty (80) metal-framed dual desks to Preparatory Primary School.
d. Supplying sixty (60) metal-framed dual desks to Yorogo Primary School.
e. Supplying sixty (60) metal-framed dual desks to Nyariga L/A Primary School.
f. Reroofing Yorogo Junior High School, which was previously ripped off.
g. Reroofing Zaare English and Arabic Primary School at Amoahbisi, previously ripped off.
h. Constructing a kitchen for Akikaya Primary School.
i. Supplying mono desks to Zaare Experimental Primary School.
j. Supplying sixty (60) mono desks to Asoregobisi Primary School.

Hon. Isaac Adongo, through his common fund, has paid school fees for students at various levels of education. The number who benefited from the benevolence of the Hon. MP stands at about 80 students.


Another department critical to the well-being of the constituents of Bolga Central and that which Hon. Isaac Adongo holds in high regard is health. He has made significant investments in the health of his cherished constituents by:
a. Completing the rehabilitation of Nyariga health center.
b. Reroofing the Yorogo Kunkua health center.

Health facilities in the northern zone, including Regional Hospital, Amiah Hospital, and Asunkude Hospital in Soe, have equally benefited from the supply of sanitized protective overalls, disposable protective overalls, surgical gloves, surgical masks, as well as thermometers from the workaholic Hon. Isaac Adongo.

These proactive initiatives in the health sector underscore Mr. Adongo’s unwavering commitment to cultivating a healthy environment wherein every constituent, irrespective of socio-economic circumstances or political affiliation, is afforded an equitable opportunity to access quality health facilities.


It is important to add that another critical area of concern in relation to the development agenda of the hon. MP is his burning desire for the availability of potable water to all constituents regardless of their vicinity within the constituency. He has therefore completed and given:
a. Two (2) boreholes to Soe residential area.
b. One (1) borehole to Zaare East.
c. One (1) borehole to Zaare West.
d. One (1) mechanized borehole near the clinic at Yorogo Tingre to supply water.
e. One (1) borehole to Yorogo Madina.
f. One (1) borehole to Nyariga.

The Economic messiah has also successfully dredged the Vea dam canal linking Nyariga, Yorogo, and Zaare for dry season irrigation purposes. The people along these areas are immensely grateful to our hardworking MP.


Last but not least, Hon. Isaac Adongo has also reshaped and put into proper shape the Nyariga road from Nyariga Junction to Nyariga market. He constructed 3 access roads at Soe: one from Soe residential area linking Bukere electoral area; secondly, he constructed another one from Awuntenga house area behind Dreams FM linking Amiah hospital to Zaare electoral areas. Hon. Adongo constructed a 1.2m culvert which is close to Landowg International School, which was cut off from the houses around that community. Suffice it to say, the MP has added a lot to road infrastructure in the north zone.

In conclusion, the good people of Bolgatanga Central say a big thank you to Hon. Isaac Adongo, the MP. They are proud of him and they know that when they send him to bring them development, he does exactly that. This, they say, they will never sacrifice for the angel they do not know.

These initiatives are verifiable. They are not conjured. Look out for part III of the article.

Author, Job Aboyom is a deputy national TEIN coordinator, former TEIN president UEW main campus, and a deputy communication officer of Bolgatanga Central.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|David Azure|Bolgatanga|

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