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Frequent changes in leadership hurting Upper East Region’s development – Dr. Bin Salih

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The Upper East Regional Minister, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih, has expressed concerns over the high attrition rate of political leadership in the region. A situation, Dr. Bin Salih believes is hindering the region’s development.

Speaking on A1 Radio, the Upper East Regional Minister pointed out that the hostile nature of the local populace towards political leaders contributes significantly to this issue.

“One thing the Upper East and Upper West regions must look at is the attrition rate of our political leadership; it does not help,” Dr. Hafiz stated.

He explained that frequent changes in political leadership such as regional ministers or government appointees disrupt the continuity and implementation of development plans.

“A minister comes with his visions, and within a year or two, due to our hostile nature, we will write letters and do all manner of things to have that leader removed. When you do that, the person is taken off, another person will come, and within two years, he too will be taken off. With these attitudes, how will development come?” he questioned.

Dr. Bin Salih urged the residents to reflect on the number of ministers the region has had in the current government’s eight-year tenure, comparing it to other regions.

“If you want to appreciate what I’m saying, this is the eighth year of this government. Count the number of ministers this region has had and compare that to other regions. From the get-go, the current Ashanti Regional Minister is still in office and able to implement his visions and drive them through. The same applies to the Western Region and others, but our region is different.”

He highlighted that consistent leadership allows for the realization of long-term development plans, citing the Ashanti and Western Regions as examples where sustained leadership has led to more stable and effective governance.

Dr. Hafiz emphasized that for the Upper East Region to experience meaningful development, there needs to be a shift in the local attitude towards political leaders, promoting a more supportive and less hostile environment.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga|

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