The Executive Director of Hope Faith Foundation, a non-governmental organization Emmanuel Nsobila has called for a policy targeted at the youth in the programs and policies of the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority.

SADA was established by Act 805, 2010 as an independent and autonomous statutory corporation to provide a framework for the comprehensive and long-term development of the Northern Savannah Ecological Zone.

In a statement to commemorate this year’s International Youth Day, Mr. Nsobila said a SADA youth policy can help address issues of poverty and unemployment among the youth in the SADA ecological zone.

“Today’s youth face many challenges. About 82% of young people live in poverty, more than half are unable to read and write, and close to 54% are unemployed in SADA Areas. The Youth of Northern Savannah have long been sidelined in policy making and implementation. Throughout the establishment of SADA, policy makers rarely seek the participation of young people in policy making or in issues that bring a bearing on the lives of the youth themselves,” the statement said.

The statement further suggested that, a youth policy is of utmost importance and should be awarded due attention for drafting and implementation because a comprehensive youth driven policy by SADA will among other things, provide realistic guidelines, a timetable and a frame work for SADA, government and the private sector to work together to help youth growth in SADA Zone.

The Foundation noted that a well carved out youth policy would provide a basis for equitable distribution of government/SADA resources to meet youth needs, create a frame work for common goals for collective action and coordination of strategies and actions for youth development for government, non-governmental and youth organization, create a rich and international recognition of youth formulating policies for development and ensure stronger coordination among youth serving organizations and ensure service delivery.

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“Young people are not only the future but are the seed for development now and it is not enough to hope for a better tomorrow when we must act now. Thousands of youth are already transforming the way we produce, consume, behave and communicate. When we invest in youth, they can contribute to new markets, decent jobs, fair trade, sustainable housing, sustainable transport and tourism, and more opportunities that benefit the Savannah Zone and people of Ghana as a whole,” the statement added.

The Foundation encouraged all young people within the SADA zone to become involved in advancing the development of SADA areas.

By: Adugbire Cletus | | GHANA





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